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Therapeutic Pole Dance and Aerial Well-being



Kindred Aerialists Living Mindfully

My name is Jess. I am a Behavioural Therapist, a Special Educational Needs Teacher, a Mental Health Academic, a Wife, a Mother, a cheese addict, oh and a competition Pole Dancer. 

I am on a journey to develop the world's first therapeutic pole programme, aimed at treating Child Developmental Trauma and PTSD, alongside a range of mental health difficulties. I believe that the unique way that the human body moves during Pole dance, has the power to repair trauma and be used as an active instrument in therapy.


I am starting this journey, with the creation of Aerial-Wellbeing courses for studio owners and instructors, this is based on the recommendations of the the growing body of evidence, which independently suggests that Aerialists need a unique set of supports in place to ensure healthy psychological outcomes.  This blog is my place to share my thoughts and findings, to connect with others, and to invite you to share your expertise. 

Myself and fellow Aerial Geek, Emma Poole are designing our Aerial Wellbeing courses to be launched late 2022 early 2023, and will keep you IN THE LOOP (see what I did there) if you hit subscribe.

KALM Farm is a place we can go to nurture and cultivate our mental wellness, through the powerful force that is Pole. Life really is better upside down.

I hope to see you hanging out here with me more often (honestly, the puns write themselves). 

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Dr Joanna Nicholas

"research in the effect of needs-supportive instruction in Pole Dance is important"

Holland (2010)

"Pole Dance classes have transformative potential"

Emma Poole

"There is a complex and paradoxical relationship between aerialists body’s appearance and function"
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